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Hi! I am Mohsin Dewan, the founder and the author of Current Affairs Inside

The idea behind bringing the Current Affairs Inside website is to provide valuable information to our readers. In this modern cutting edge of technology, many things are changing day by day and readers are actually thriving for legit and accurate content and ideas to solve their queries and problems related to their field.

The main orientation of this website is to create a large repository of knowledge for the general reference of students and aspirants. Current Affairs Inside was launched in 2021 and is a pioneer in providing high quality content to students and aspirants of various examinations in India.

Current Affairs Inside covers the current affairs and conventional subjects. If you are preparing for Civil Services Exam, all the content of Current Affairs Inside is important as a supplement to your studies. This site intends to cover current events in a systematic and time bound manner along wit ith conventional subjects. 

Well this is all about "Current Affairs Inside". 

Thank You...... 

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